All about yin and yang

From the moment we accept that pathology is the result of an imbalance, we therefore approach all disorders in a much more precise way.

We are not going to reinvent hot water or the wheel!

So why not resort to millennial terms which are incredibly accurate and which save us from meaningless classifications according to the times?

Let's not stay confined to the "feminine - masculine" which often leads to confusion in Latin languages which use gendered articles to designate situations and things.

Instead, use the YIN & the YANG

And don't worry, in Dien Chan we use them practically. Multireflex tools are extraordinary remedies for understanding yin and yang with an empirical and pragmatic approach.

Let us never forget that all the names of diseases described in books or in everyday language are in fact borrowed from Western medicine. However, the latter does not speak of yin and yang and the drug industry only provides solutions for one of the two versions of the same pathology.

A more holistic approach is to accommodate the expression of the disorder.

Yin and yang are very important concepts and we must assimilate them to achieve the desired normalization more quickly.

It's easy to assume that symptoms often don't offer accurate information about the condition to be managed. We must consider them as alarms.

These manifestations testify to a failure, but they do not always signal the origin of the malfunction.

We must also be very careful with vocabulary borrowed from Western medicine. In Dien Chan, we do not claim to replace a medical diagnosis and the name of a pathology can mislead us.

This is why it is more advantageous to understand the expression of suffering in order to be able to transcribe it into multireflexological interventions.

The symptom is the gateway to the origin of the imbalance.

Consequently, both Dien Chan and Chan❜beauté grant rapid and profound results because they take into account the description of the disorder. We interpret the information gathered and transpose it into a very specific yin or yang action.

These bodily and facial stimulations reorient the vital energy (Qi) and direct all those involved in the disorder towards balance.

This is why all multireflex tools offer either a yin or yang effect.

Yin endings
Yang endings

We would like to point out that we use the words "yin" and "yang" as adjectives.

⚫️ Y I N

The yin effect of multireflex tools is unparalleled!

We obtain yin effects with all the multireflex tools equipped with mini metal rods with rounded ends. Despite their appearance which at first glance may remind us of naughty toys, yin instruments are soft and never damage the skin.

Thanks to the arrangement of their mini rods, we manage to refresh and disperse without heating the skin tissue. This may seem obvious and yet all the other utensils found on the market are not able to work without raising the temperature of the treated surface.

The golden brass cylinders and spheres are inimitable allies for extracting the heat accumulated within certain parts of the body as well as for freeing the facial reflex zones from microtensions.

But the collection would not be complete if we forget the yin effects of the rakes. We basically use two of them, of different sizes.

The Yin rake nº416 is our first aid to relax the consultant as a whole. Its yin effect on the skull is incomparable when we use it for at least 4 minutes with a eurythmic gesture.

And of course, the mini-rake of tool nº219 which will then allow us to treat in a yin way the zones of our various reflection patterns.

And finally, the rubber saucer of the Big yin-yang hammer nº430 which will be essential for us to untie the knots and ease the tensions housed in the large muscles.

Only yin multireflex tools can massage without heating and cooling while reinvigorating vital flows!

Remember that ice has a yang effect on first direct contact with the skin and may burn it. On the other hand, it is the yin rollers or the brass tips that are able to revive the activity while providing freshness.

Chan❜secret yin

We also use it in Chan❜beauté to encourage intrinsic hydration of the body and skin tissue by distributing the subtle nutrients of the dermis. Many Chan❜beauté protocols make it possible to visibly reduce bags under the eyes, soothe rosacea, lift and firm the skin in depth.

This is where the awesomeness of Chan❜beauté lies!

🟥 Y A N G

Instruments with the yang effect are equipped with balls of spikes which do not penetrate the skin while stimulating the fundamental flows.

For all the handles of the facial tools as for the yang balls, we have chosen natural horn, because it is much more ecological than exotic woods which only encourage deforestation.

This noble material is a guarantee of quality for its biological antiseptic properties. In addition and unlike plastic, the horn does not produce static electricity that disrupts the skin microbiota. Its vibratory frequency is reputed to be in harmony with the energetic circulation of the body.

The horn is recovered after the peaceful agricultural life of grazing cattle. No animal is bred for its horns. Some use them as fertilizer, we choose the most beautiful ones for you to make jewels of health in accordance with your convictions.

Let's not forget that the rubber tip of the Small yin-yang hammer nº128 also provides a yang effect. This flexible striker is the absolute accomplice for stimulating the reflex zones around a precise bqc·points on the Dien Chan map.

It is therefore important to remember that the multireflex yang tools stimulate, energize and warm up. They restore movement and focus.

Chan❜secret yang

In Chan❜beauté, we use the multireflex yang tools to bring out the deep nutrients embedded in the hypodermis.

The skin of the face being close to the bone, it is thanks to delicate back and forth that the horn spikes of the instrument will succeed in mobilizing the deep nutrients of the hypodermis. We then distribute these wonderful nutrients using a yin tool, repeating the gesture for a few more minutes.

How to choose the right tool?

🔹 If the person evokes a dull, cold, diffuse pain or a feeling of heaviness, we are facing a disorder that manifests in a yin way.

This situation invites us to use a multireflex tool with a yang effect to restore balance.

We start with local stimulation on the affected anatomy with an instrument adapted to the surface to be treated.

For example, to work on the hips, legs or back, we prefer the Double yang ball nº410 which offers us the possibility of treating without damaging the skin.

♦️ When, on the contrary, a disorder is described as hot, precise, sharp, pungent or concentrated, we use a yin tool. The latter allows us to encourage blood and lymphatic microcirculation without heating. We therefore work in a yin way to restore the appropriate temperature.

On a shoulder girdle contracted by an accumulation of stress or a rigid neck, we obtain the best results with the Double yin ball nº411. We start by rolling the surface by exercising back and forth without pressure. Its multiple mini rods will disperse tension while improving blood exchange.

However, let’s never forget to ask our patient if the feeling that the tool provides is pleasant or not. This permanent dialogue is essential in Dien Chan. The information thus collected confirms the yin or yang effect to be adopted later on the reflex zones of the face.

This is how real facial reflexology works. We are sorry to have to specify that Dien Chan is the authentic multireflexological method from which all facial reflexologies are inspired, but we respond to so many people who discover it too late that it seemed good to remind us.

Giving a yin or a yang meaning to your Dien Chan formulas

If you have followed the second training module (DienChan❜pro), if you know how to apply bqc·points formulas or if you are lucky enough to have the Faceasit'clinic app...

Know that you can give a yin meaning or a yang meaning to your bqc·points formulas.

During the DienChan❜pro course, we discuss in more detail how to check whether the person's internal situation is yin or yang. We use specific bqc·points whose sensitivity informs us about the patient's condition.

Let's not complicate things too much in these lines and instead watch this video that shows you how to make sense of your formulas.

Une vidéo d'Hélène Alvanitakis [] qui vous aidera encore plus à mieux comprendre!

The yang formula

With the Dien Chan Faceasit app, we get all the bqc·points that will allow us to compose a formula with yang effects.

More details on this inexhaustible source of inspiration: